The safest, most advanced coopy
For your child's safety

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Coopy Baby features

Easy to Fold

With Coopy, you can easily store and carry your coopy whenever you need the extra space and mile - A perfect fit for your trunk.

Tight and Firm

Each one of our models was manufactured with an extremely solid, shock absorbing chassis that can withstand any obstacle without any harm.

Quiet and Comfortable

With Coopy, your baby can be safe and sound. The coopy serves as the ultimate bed, allowing a constant, tight sleep without any interruptions.


Control the weather - Or at least your baby’s perception of it. Made from qualified materials, our sunshade serves as an immediate sun protection device.


Coopy is based on one of the most classic items known to man - A timeless device created to give a safe space for every baby, anytime, anywhere.

Modern Design

While keeping the original structure in mind, Coopy offers a unique and improved look that fits our current times while maintaining each of its advantages.

Develop Better

The extra space of Coopy helps your baby to crawl more, play and lay on his stomach, allowing him to further train his muscles and posture compared to other solutions.

Universal Playground

Take your baby’s favorite toys, dolls, blankets, etc. with you to anywhere you like with ease, thanks to Coopy’s big space and strategic design.

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Coopy Baby variations


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Coopy Baby video

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about Coopy Baby

Coopy is the result of dedicated and hard work over the course of two years in order to create the ultimate safe space for your newborn. Our product combines both the classic and modern benefits and core design of the coopy, in order to give your baby the best experience he can get and allow him to fully develop and grow in the most proficient way possible.

  • 7 advanced safety features, made for your baby’s safety
  • Manufactured using the best quality materials
  • Designed especially for your baby’s needs

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